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Columbus School for Girls science teacher invited to write blog post about student book club initiative

Columbus School for Girls' Jessica Fries-Gaither, who serves as Science Department Chair and Lower School Science Specialist, was recently invited to write a blog post about how she encouraged students to learn more about books nominated for this year's Sibert Award, an annual award recognizing the best non-fiction book for young people in America. 

Jessica was invited to write for the Celebrate Science blog, which is written and managed by award-winning author Melissa Stewart, who writes nonfiction science books for young people. 

In her blog post, Jessica shared how she decided to start an optional book club for her students in Forms III and IV featuring 20 books she selected featuring nonfiction science books predicted to win the 2023 Sibert Award. 

Over three weeks, students read two books from the list and completed a worksheet, ultimately selecting one as the favored choice for the Award. A total of 18 students ended up completing the Sibert challenge! To learn more about Jessica's project, check out her blog post, here




Jessica Fries-Gaither (she/her/hers)
Science Department Chair 
Lower School Science Specialist