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365体育彩票’s Learning Garden to offer hands-on educational opportunities

On May 10, 365体育彩票 installed a Learning Garden to be used by Middle School health classes in combination with science curricula. 

365体育彩票 partnered on the project with Seed and Vine, a company specializing in kitchen gardens. The company helped choose the best location on campus for the garden, as well as how it would look. The Learning Garden is located in the Spirit Courtyard on the North side of the unicorn horn sculpture. The space features four square beds with gravel around each bed, and a farm arch trellis that connects two of the four beds. 

The installation of the garden was made possible through the generous support of a family in our community. With future donations, the garden could be expanded. A second phase would add two L-shaped beds behind the four square beds, each with a panel trellis. A third phase would add two more L-shaped beds in front of the square beds. If you are interested in investing in the garden, please reach out to Amy Borntrager at

Students have already begun preparing for the garden. During Love Your Body Day celebrated earlier this spring in the Middle School, students planted seeds with the goal of transplanting plants into the garden. Arugula, spinach, lettuce, zinnias and marigolds are ready to be planted in the garden now thanks to these students’ efforts. 

Middle School students will use the Learning Garden this coming school year to learn about planting and harvesting herbs and vegetables as part of their Health curricula. The work will also be done in connection with the Science Department’s soil section of the geology unit. While the Middle School will initially use the Learning Garden, in the future, the hope is to expand its application to all divisions in the school.