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Thank you to our Power & Promise Philanthropists

By investing in the Power & Promise campaign, you are building a brighter, bolder future for 365体育彩票’s learners of today and leaders of tomorrow. 

Columbus School for Girls sees donor recognition as an extension of our belief in the power of community investment. Publicly celebrating donors demonstrates that philanthropy is a shared community value. This philanthropist listing recognizes members of the 365体育彩票 community for their generous Power & Promise support. We also thank and recognize the donors who gave anonymously that are not listed below. Thank you for your commitment to building a brighter, bolder future for our students and school.

Ms. Allison Abell
Ms. Quiana Sloan Agbai '98
Mrs. Angela Abenaim and Mr. Asher Abenaim
Ms. Claire Murnane Adams '01
Ms. Zulal Fazlioglu Akin and Mr. Yigit Akin
Mrs. Cecily Chester Alexander '88 and Mr. Brett Alexander
Mrs. Judith Altreuter '75
Mrs. Christina Amato and Mr. Joseph Amato
Ms. Morgan Amigo '13
Ms. Linda McNealey Anderson '64 and Mr. Gary Anderson
Ms. Carol Andreae '63 and Mr. James Garland
Mrs. Nicole Anosike and Mr. Dozie Anosike
Ms. Allison Ansari '05
Dr. Meredith Arensman and Dr. Austin Schenk
Ms. Keely Ayres '82
Mrs. Sine-Marie Ayres
Mr. Akeem Babatunde
Ms. Rebecca Bailey
Ms. Kristina Bailey-Mattox and Ms. Jennifer Gillespie-Mattox
Mr. Corey Baker
Dr. Cindy Baker and Mr. Robert Baker, III
Mrs. Patricia Balassone and Mr. Frank Balassone
Ms. Elizabeth Jeffrey Balderston '75
Mrs. Cathy Balshone-Becze '64 and Mr. William Becze
Mr. Jason Bapst
Ms. Kathy Bapst and Mr. Brian Bapst
Mrs. Grace Baratta and Mr. Noel Baratta
Mrs. RaMona Barber and Mr. David Barber
Mrs. Catherine Sirak Bardsley '67
Mr. Jason Barnett
Ms. Amy Bodiker Baskes '90 and Mr. Jeremy Baskes
Mrs. Carolyn Cox Batcheller '72 and Mr. William Batcheller
Ms. Susan Bauer '73 and Mr. Stephen Bernheim
Mrs. Marguerite Hillman Beam '41
Mrs. Kathryn Conners Beck '93
Mrs. Agnes Becker and Mr. James Becker
Mrs. Eileen Becknell and Mr. Jerry Becknell
Mrs. Alexis Mersel Bennett and Mr. Andrew Bennett
Mrs. Megan Bennett and Mr. Gregory Bennett
Ms. Linda Benua '64
Ms. Lisa Berger '87 and Mr. Peter Lusenhop
Big Lots Stores, Inc.
Ms. Elizabeth Wheeler Bishara '00 and Mr. Joe Bishara
Mrs. Jenna Blackwell and Mr. Ryan Blackwell
Ms. Abigail Blosser and Mr. Harry Harris
Ms. Beth Edwards Boatright '93
Mrs. Constance Aldrich Bodiker '54
Mrs. Penny Boes and Dr. Thomas Boes
Ms. Nichole Bondi and Mr. Josh Bondi
Ms. Anne Bonney '67
Mr. Brian Bornino and Ms. Leah Sellers
Ms. Amy Borntrager and Mr. Randy Borntrager
Mrs. Sharon Borntrager
Ms. Constance Bowen Borro '04
Ms. Ariel Haytas Bowlby '05
Mrs. Karlyn Botzman and Mr. Brian Botzman
Ms. Lavea Brachman '80 and Mr. Andrew Smith
Ms. Deborah Chow Brennan
Mrs. Laura Anne Tausch Brentlinger '93
Mrs. Cynthia Porter Brown '67
Mrs. Susan Budros and Mr. James Budros
Mrs. Jennifer Ridgley Bunker and Mr. Jonathan Bunker
Mrs. Melissa Gerling Burch '94
Mrs. Amy Burgess and Mr. Ryan Burgess
Ms. Selena Burks-Rentschler and Mr. Evan Rentschler
Ms. Elizabeth Burns Lloyd '07 and Mr. Greg Lloyd
Mrs. Sarah Buxton and Mr. Joseph Buxton
Ms. Alyssa S. Canowitz '21
Mrs. Robin Ives Canowitz '85 and Mr. H. Jay Canowitz
Mrs. Jeanette Canyon and Mr. Christopher Canyon
Ms. Elizabeth Carlin '83 and Ms. Becky Watson
Ms. Jennifer Nelson Carney and Mr. John Carney
Dr. Marya Goldberg Cassandra '92 and Dr. James Cassandra
Ms. Genelle Castro
Ms. Carolyn Thomas Christy '60
Ms. Jennifer Ciccarelli and Mr. Chad Perry
Ms. Meredith Coen Carr '04
Ms. Sarah Cole
Ms. Catherine Colinvaux '82 and Mr. Phillip Zamore
Ms. Tina Collins
Mrs. Katharine Ireland Conley '73 and Dr. Christopher Conley
Mrs. Emily Bartz Costello '97 and Mr. Nick Costello
Ms. Lindsey Courtice '16
Ms. Sarah Crane Cox '75 and Mr. Cary Cox
Ms. Virginia Cunningham '61
Mrs. Heidi Currier
Dr. Tiffany Tynes Curry and Mr. Anthony Curry
Dr. Carla Curtis
Ms. Emily Dach '15
Mrs. Kandi Dach and Mr. Laurence Dach
Mr. Joseph Danielewicz
Mr. Santino Davis
Ms. Christine Davis '72
Mrs. Sharon Daye and Mr. Thomas Daye
Dr. Rebecca DeGraaf '81 and Mr. Todd Schachtman
Ms. Lisa DeLong '82
Ms. Danielle Demko and Mr. Aman Garcha
Ms. Emilee Deutchman '06
Mrs. Elaine DeVennish and Mr. Edward DeVennish
The Rev. Dr. Anne Dilenschneider '73
Mrs. Lisa Dodge and Mr. Keith Dodge
Ms. Laura Dolce-Bun
Mrs. Kellyn Donnelly and Mr. Sean Donnelly
Mrs. Bernadette Kuhnsman Donovan '95 and Mr. Todd Donovan
Mrs. Victoria Vaughn Drabick '74
Mrs. Corinne Francis Driver '52
Mrs. Lindsay Dunn and Mr. Andrew Dunn
Ms. DeAnna Duvall '03 and Mr. Forrest Raffel
Ms. Kelly Dyas
East West Sisters
Mrs. Jennifer Ross Edwards '59 and Mr. Garth Edwards
Ms. Teresa Eigel '08
Ms. Beatrice Wolper and Mr. J. Richard Emens
Mrs. Abigail Emison and Mr. Joseph Emison
Dr. Donna Erickson
Ms. Elizabeth Esser and Mr. Zachary Warder
Ms. Ann Westwater '01 and Mr. Cormac Eubanks
Dr. Allison Evans and Dr. David Evans
Dr. Karen Evans and Mr. Andre Coleman
Mrs. Nancy Falk and Mr. Steve Falk
Ms. Susan Farfan
Ms. Kimberly Feinknopf-Dorrian '84 and Mr. Joseph Dorrian
Ms. Kristian Rose-Anderson Fenner '97 and Mr. Nakia Fenner
Fidelity Charitable
Mr. Todd Fizer
Mrs. Kristin Kirk Florey '84 and Mr. Jeff Florey
Ms. Chauntelle Folds
Mrs. Pamela McMurray Foote '70
Ms. Jodi Ford and Mr. Christopher Browning
Mrs. Molly Schirner Fortune '96 and Mr. Todd Fortune
Mrs. Diane Spelleri Foster '84 and Mr. John Foster
Dr. Rita Freimanis '72
Mrs. Anne Fullarton
Dr. Lena Furci and Mr. Josh Furci
Mrs. Natalie Furniss and Mr. John Furniss
Dr. Marilee Gallagher '67
Mrs. Helen Hamer Geoffrion '56* and Mr. Arthur Geoffrion
Ms. Patricia Connor Gianakopoulos and Mr. William Gianakopoulos
Ms. Leah Giller '21
Mrs. Kate Carlin Giller '87 and Mr. Patrick Giller
Mrs. Barbara Summer Glazier '70
Mr. Michael Glimcher
Mrs. Jennifer Glimpse
Mrs. Autumn Glover and Mr. James Glover
Mrs. Tracy Godfrey and Mr. Turhan Godfrey
Mrs. Lynnette Goldberg and Dr. Daniel Goldberg
Dr. Shari Graham and Mr. Christopher Graham
Dr. Rebecca Greenberger '06
Ms. Lacey Greenwalt '04
Mrs. Melinda Case Griffin '69 and Mr. John Griffin
Mrs. Abbey Griffith and Mr. Bradley Griffith
Mrs. Karen Groeber and Mr. John Groeber
Mrs. Marjory Wasserstrom Gross '55 and Dr. Herbert Gross
Mrs. Stacy Grossman and Mr. Adam Gurevitz
Ms. Lana Baker and Mr. Michael Gruber
Ms. Allyson Guarnino
Mrs. Betsy Gugle and Mr. Jeff Gugle
Ms. Jacquelyn Guy '06
Ms. Madeline Hadley '13
Ms. Mallory Halley '06
Mrs. Glenda Harrison and The Reverend O'Vell Harrison
Ms. Rebecca Hartle
Ms. Amy Hartman and Mr. Drew Hartman
Mrs. Pamela Hartshorne and Mr. John Hartshorne
Dr. Meghan Hattaway
Cardinal Health Foundation
Mrs. Sheryl Heit and Dr. Philip Heit
Ms. Elizabeth Kessler '86 and Mr. Gregory Henchel
Mrs. Nancy Henry and Mr. Richard Henry
Mrs. Margaret Herrmann and Mr. Richard Herrmann
Dr. Talia Kayne Herst '05 and Mr. Brian Herst
Ms. Julie Hertzog '82
Mrs. Devra Hiller and Mr. R. Patrick Hiller
Mrs. Alissa Hadley Hines '91 and Mr. Edward Hines
Mrs. Lisa Hinson and Mr. Alan Hinson
Ms. Evlin Hogan '13
Ms. Susan Burchfield Holliday Ph.D. '69
The Honorable Denise Page Hood '70 and The Reverend Nicholas Hood, III
Mrs. Julie Hostetler and Mr. Duane Hostetler
Ms. Kelly Hoyt-Standley
Dr. Kasey Huffman and Mr. Kent Huffman
Ms. Leslie Huntington '70
Mrs. Sandra Huss and Mr. Thomas Huss
Mrs. Rebecca McCabe Ibel '84 and Mr. Sebastian Ibel
Ms. Lindsey Innes '04 and Mr. Daniel Owens
Ms. Karen James
Mrs. Nancy Kittredge Jeffrey* and Mr. Robert H. "Tad" Jeffrey*
Ms. Amanda Johnson '19
Ms. Nicole Johnson
Mrs. Patricia Hunter Joklik '45 and Mr. Wolfgang Joklik
Mrs. Karen Lurie Jones '87 and Mr. Michael Jones
Ms. Amy Sardone and Prof. John Jones
Ms. Ann Joyce '69
Dr. Rosemary Joyce
Dr. Mary Juhas
Ms. Katherine Jungers
Mrs. Anna Kakos '88 and Mr. Patrick Okell
Mrs. Emily Kandel and Mr. Elan Kandel
Mrs. Leigh Kane and Mr. Bryon Kane
Mrs. Erica Kaplan and Mr. David Kaplan
Mrs. April Zimmerman Katz '87 and Mr. Kyle Katz
Ms. Sandra Matarrese-Keeling and Dr. Thomas Keeling
Mrs. Rebecca Keglewitsch and Mr. Josef Keglewitsch
Ms. Sara Winters Kehoe '07 and Mr. David Kehoe
Ms. Meghan Kennedy
Ms. Tracy Kessler
Mrs. Jessica Orlov Ketner '02 and Mr. Joel Ketner
Ms. Alisa King
Mrs. Julie Kirby and Mr. Terence Kirby
Mrs. Tania Klein and Mr. Peter Klein
Mr. Keith Klingenberg
Dr. Anne Krabacher and Mr. Gregory Krabacher
Dr. Emily Krichbaum
Mrs. Carey Collins Krug and Mr. Peter Krug
Mrs. Andrea Krupman '84
Ms. Marla Krupman '81 and Mr. Dan Bernstein
Ms. Shari McCaskill Lamar '85
Ms. Anne Werum Lambright '68 and Mr. Steven Knopp
Mrs. Sheree Lamendola and Mr. Dan Lamendola
Mrs. Carla Pollack Lane '64

Nancy Wolfe Lane '57*
Mrs. Cathy Lanning and Mr. Marty Lanning
Mr. David Lashock Jr.
Ms. Paula Lausa '73
Ms. Wendy Lazarus '67 and Mr. Harley Frankel
Mrs. Karen Lechiara and Mr. Steven Lechiara
Ms. Laurie Zox Leder '69
Dr. Yasyn Lee '78 
Dr. Alyson Leeman '81 and Mr. Joel Mazel
Ms. Serena Lett
Ms. Jill Levy '70
Dr. Stephen Lewis
Ms. Jennifer Li
Ms. Taylor Lint '11
Mrs. Tiffany Lipscomb-Jackson and Mr. Robert Lipscomb-Jackson
Ms. Mary Pat Martin and Mr. Robert Livingston
Ms. Kathryn Logan '01
Ms. Audra Longert '95
Mrs. Trish Longstreth and Mr. Tim Longstreth
Dr. Carolyn Lonser and Dr. Russell Lonser
Mrs. Nancy Lurie and Mr. Thomas Lurie
Ms. Deborah Lynn '76
Ms. Pamela Lynn '68
Ms. Patricia Lynn '77 and Mr. Paul Steltz
Dr. Tensing Maa '92 and Mr. James Jeffers
Mrs. Kate Hally MacPherson '85 and Mr. David MacPherson
Mrs. Carrie Lewin Madison and Mr. Andrew Madison
Mr. Vincent Maite and Mrs. Lori Maite
Mrs. Carol Benua Major '67 and Mr. Michael Major
Mr. Kurt Malkoff
Mrs. Sarah Yost Mapes '07
Ms. Laurel Marks '84
Ms. Mary Marsh '78
Mrs. Toni Marshall and Mr. John Marshall
Mrs. Lucinda Martin and Mr. Robert Martin
Ms. Libby Marvel '05
Mrs. Cynthia Massimiani and Mr. John Massimiani
Mrs. Mary Ellen Mazak and The Reverend Andrew Mazak
Mrs. Regan Mazak and Mr. Andrew Mazak
Ms. Rachel Mazur and Mr. Matthew Mazur
Mrs. Kristen Bibart McCabe '87 and Mr. Dan McCabe
Miss Evelyn McCarthy '22
Ms. Leslie Siegel McCarthy '92 and Mr. Robert McCarthy
Mrs. Tanya McCarthy and Mr. Robert McCarthy
Mrs. Beverly McCaskill
Mrs. Rachael McCloskey
Mrs. Jennifer McCormick and Mr. Scott McCormick
Mrs. Elisa McCurdy and Mr. David McCurdy
Ms. Marcia Willcox McHam '55
Mrs. Lanette McLain and Mr. Joe McLain
Mrs. Marilyn Masson McRae '57
Mrs. Susan Culter Meiling '61
Mrs. Lisa Benson Meuse '99
Dr. Peter Meuse
Mrs. Sharon Meyer and Mr. Mark Meyer
Dr. Alicia Miklos
Ms. Hailey Miller '13
Mrs. Shelley Miller and Dr. William Miller, III
Mrs. Katie Miller
Mrs. Beth Milligan and Mr. Bruce Milligan
Ms. Mimi Moras and Mr. Matthew Streeter
Ms. Julianne Mueller '74
Mrs. Christine Murakami and Dr. James Murakami
Miss Courtney Musick
Mrs. Katherine Wilson Muth '68 and Mr. John Muth
Mrs. Julie Price Myers '58
Mrs. Susan Mykrantz and Mr. Donald Mykrantz
The Reverend Jane Power Mykrantz '52 and Mr. Kiehner Johnson*
Ms. Olivia Nathan '05
Mr. Kasey Neer
Ms. Kati Nelson
Dr. Stephanie Nelson
Mrs. Joanna Nunn and Mr. John Nunn
Mrs. Yolanda Nunn '94
Ms. Emily Nusbaum '90
Mrs. Amy Nuzum and Mr. Kevin Wright
Mrs. Sally Jeffrey O'Neil '72
Ms. Emily Wightman O'Reilly '04
Mrs. Patricia Tice Offenberg '62 and Mr. John Offenberg
Mr. Chris Olsen
Mrs. Gina Olsen
Mrs. Laurie Onda and Mr. Robert Onda
Mrs. Ashley Osinski and Mr. John Osinski
Ms. Tara Ottey
Ms. Beth Richards Owens '43
Ms. Nancy Pace, M.D., MSPH '71 and Mr. Melvin Kaneshige
Mrs. Meryll Levine Page '69
Mrs. Nancy Page
Mrs. Kennia Papadakis and Mr. Michael Papadakis
Atty. Leonore Paragas and Atty. David Paragas
Ms. Sarah Pariser '04
Mr. Scott Parsons
Mrs. Anne Miller Paschall '68 and Dr. C. Bayard Paschall
Ms. Hannah Paschall '00
Mrs. Elizabeth Pattison
Mrs. Tamera Pedon
Ms. MacKenzie Peterson '19
Ms. Susan Pierce '78
Mrs. Ann Pizzuti and Mr. Ronald Pizzuti
Mrs. Stacie Poindexter and Mr. Timothy Poindexter
Mrs. Diane Popadych
Ms. Alicia Wilcox Prokos '84
Ms. Martha Rachedi
Ms. Laura Raines '09
Ms. Liz Ratliff '96
Dr. Erica Reaves '00
Ms. Emily Reidenbach '81
Mrs. Cathleen Murnane Reis '00 and Mr. Nick Reis
Mr. Moshen Riazi and Mrs. Aholieh Shahamat
Mr. C. Thomas Rice
Mrs. Barbara Richards and Mr. R.L. Richards
Mrs. Brandy Ridenour Rickard '95
Mrs. Mary Robins and Mr. Ronald Robins
Mrs. Betsy Lurie Ross '86 and Mr. Bryan Ross
Mrs. Jennifer Poulton Rose '74
Ms. Claire Rothchild
Mrs. Debbie Ross Rouse '68 and Mr. Milo Rouse, Jr.
Rowe Boutique
Ms. Annie Ruefle and Mr. Richard Amicon
Mrs. Andrea Zid Salmi '83 and Mr. Semi Salmi
Mrs. Harshaw Satyapriya and Dr. Ajay Satyapriya
Ms. Leslie Sawyer '71 and Mr. Ricky Redmon
Ms. Alexandra Lehman Schill '04 and Mr. Kevin Schill
Lt. Col. Libby Schindler
Mrs. Mary Larrick Schmertz '67 and Mr. Bill Schmertz
Mrs. Kate Estabrook Schoedinger '78 and Mr. Ferdinand Schoedinger, III
Dr. D. Michele Basso and Dr. Scott Schricker
Mrs. Hope Schrim and Mr. James Schrim, III
Mrs. Staci Schulte and Mr. Michael Schulte
Mrs. Tana Sterrett Scott '61
Ms. Karen Scranton and Mr. Russell Smith
Mr. Aaron Seamon
Mrs. Lindsay Lawrence Sears '85
Mrs. Megan Kelleher Seitchik '89 and Mr. Adam Seitchik
Mr. Will Sellheim and Mr. Anthony Heaphy
Mrs. Lekha Shah and Dr. Summit Shah
Ms. Joi Sharpe-Ware
Miss Lily Shayani '20
Ms. Samantha Shultz-McGowan
Mrs. Sophie DeVennish Sisler '71 and Mr. Louis Sisler, Jr.
Miss Elisabeth Skaggs
Mrs. Cindy Skaruppa and Mr. Matthew Skaruppa
Ms. Brandi Slaughter '95
Ms. Megan Smeeding
Ms. Lauren Smiley '05
Mrs. Lynne Smith and Mr. Stephen Smith
Mrs. Rachael Smith and Mr. Dale Smith
Ms. Arnesia McMillan and Ms. Leisan Smith
Mrs. Karen Smith and Mr. Gregory Smith
Mrs. Christine Wittmann Snyder '69 and Mr. Joel Snyder
Ms. Cynthia Snyder
Dr. Laurie Snyder '92
Ms. Melinda Snyder '93 and Mr. Aaron Epstein
Mrs. Lucy Hampton Sohm '58 and Mr. Jacque Sohm
Ms. Sarah Sole
Mrs. Caryn Spangler and Mr. Michael Spangler
Mrs. Audrey Wobst Stanley '07 and Mr. Tyler Stanley
Mrs. Laurie Aronson Starr '74
Ms. Anastasia Staten '98
Mrs. Marnie Stein '93 and Mr. Scott Poulos
Mrs. Carole Schiff Straus '52 and Mr. James Straus
Mr. Craig M. Stuntz
Ms. Jennifer Sugerik
Mrs. Amy Westwater Sullivan '99 and Mr. Glen Sullivan
Mrs. Esther Webster Summers '55
Ms. Malinda Susalla and Dr. L. Mark Dean
Ms. Lynn Swander
Mrs. Helen Swartz and Dr. John Swartz
Mrs. Emily Marsh Szabo '80
Ms. Susan Szykowny
Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson Taylor '75 and Mr. James Taylor
Dr. Karen M. Taylor
Mrs. Carol Thompson and Mr. Dennis Thompson
Ms. Nora Tien '13
Ms. Deborah Cummings-Timcho and Mr. Thomas Timcho
Ms. Ashley Todaro '06
Mrs. Lauren Todd
Ms. Mary Jane Trapp '74
Ms. Kristin Tremper
Ms. Ann Griffin Turpie-Hooker '50 and Mr. Tom Hooker
Ms. Elizabeth Tynan '67
Dr. Roseann Umana and Dr. Christina Nyirati
Ms. Meghan VanCleve
Mrs. Rosamond Brown Vaule '55
Mrs. Catherine Kurtz Vrenna '88 and Mr. Sean Vrenna
Ms. Katherine Arnold Wade '66 and Mr. Paul Wade
Mrs. Leah Wagenbrenner and Mr. Mark Wagenbrenner
Dr. Rebecca Wallihan and Mr. John Pieper
Mrs. Staci Solomon Wasserman '87
Mrs. Beatrice Isaac Weiler '55 and Mr. Alan Weiler
Ms. Monica Welt '94 and Mr. Babak Djourabchi
Mrs. Elizabeth Cook Werth '65 and Mr. William Werth
Ms. Janie Marr Werum '70 and Mr. David Korn
Mrs. Leah Westwater and Mr. Brian Westwater
Mrs. Linda Larrimer and Mr. Hugh Westwater
Ms. Lisa Miller Westwater '71
Mrs. Sook Wilkinson and Mr. Todd Wilkinson
Ms. Elizabeth Williams '76
Ms. Kimberly Williams '88
Mrs. Margaret Barton Williams '57 and Dr. Thomas Williams, Jr.
Dr. Peggy Williams '94
Ms. Shelby Williams '12
Ms. Sloane Williams '10
Mrs. Roberta Wilson and Mr. David Wilson
Mrs. Vandita Malviya Wilson '86 and Mr. John Wilson, III
Mrs. Kimberly Rice Wilson '80 and Mr. James Wilson
Mrs. Leigh Ann Wobst and Mr. Franck Wobst
Dr. Deborah Woidtke and Dr. Victor Dizon
Ms. Katherine Wolford
Ms. Chelsea Woods '00
Ms. Jessi Wright
Ms. Anne Jeffrey Wright '70
Ms. Ping Wu
Ms. Marjorie Yano '03
Mrs. Lisa Young and Mr. Stuart Young
Mrs. Linda Johnson Ziegler '57
Mrs. Stephanie Zimmerman and Mr. Richard Zimmerman
Mrs. Lorna Prince Zivin '84 and Mr. Adam Zivin
Ms. Melissa Zox '82 and Dr. Bryan Feldman

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list, but if we have made an error, we apologize and would be grateful if you would advise us so that we may correct our records by contacting us at or (614)252-0781 ext. 131. This list was last updated in mid-April.

Names followed by an asterisk* denote donors who have passed away.