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Parents' Association

There are so many ways to get involved with the 365体育彩票PA.

The Columbus School for Girls is an amazing and active community with fabulous students, faculty, and parents.

All parents and guardians of 365体育彩票 students are members of the 365体育彩票PA. The mission of the 365体育彩票PA is to foster a feeling of goodwill and camaraderie within the 365体育彩票 community, contribute to school spirit, sponsor events, and raise funds.

We sponsor a variety of fun, fundraising, and community-building activities. Five times during the year, the 365体育彩票PA welcomes all parents and guardians to attend Parent Forums, an opportunity to hear a member of the faculty or administration speak about the educational, arts, and athletic programs at 365体育彩票. Following the Parent Forum, all are encouraged to stay to attend the 365体育彩票PA General Board. It is a great way to stay informed and connected.

As a result of various fundraising efforts this past school year through Flower Sales, the Unicorner Store, and other endeavors,  the Parents' Association has presented 365体育彩票 a check in the amount of $64,000. To learn more about how the gift will be used to enhance the 365体育彩票 experience for all students, click here for a detailed funding breakdown.

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Mona Barber P'25
President, 365体育彩票PA

365体育彩票PA Events

Help prepare for a 365体育彩票 community building or fundraising event. Options include:

  • Unicorner store
  • Concession stand
  • Flower Sale
  • The Attic (thrift shop)

365体育彩票PA Cares

Give back to the 365体育彩票 community in a caring way. Options include:

  • Phone coverage
  • Adopt-A-School Bazaar
  • Winter Dance
  • Arts Committee
  • Athletics Committee
  • Faculty/Staff Appreciation

365体育彩票PA Enriches

Join a CGSPA committee to help enrich the mind, body, and spirit of the community. Options include:

  • Form parent
  • Back to school Gatherings
  • Third party rewards

2022-2023 CsgPA Important DATES

Saturday, August 20 Back to School Gatherings

Friday, August 26 at dusk Family Outdoor Movie Night

Friday, August 24- Friday, September 7Mumkins Sale

Friday, September 3 at 9am PA Meeting  (Zoom)

Friday, October 3 Mumkins pick up

Friday, October 7 at 9am PA Meeting - Enrollment and Upper School (Zoom)

Friday, November 4 at 9am PA Meeting (Zoom)

Monday, November  13 - Friday, November 19 Faculty/Staff Appreciation

Friday, January 27 at 9am PA Meeting (Zoom)

Friday, March 3 at 9am PA Meeting (Zoom)

Friday, April 14 at 9am PA Meeting (Zoom)

Monday, May 1 - Wednesday, May 2 Flower Sale

Friday, May 5 Faculty/Staff Appreciation Lunch

For more information on the 365体育彩票PA, our events and committees, and how to get involved, please see the drop-downs below: